How much do you know about lights?

As society progresses more and more, our lives are getting better and better. The first thing many people do when they return home at night is to turn on the lights at will. With the click of a finger, the dim and cold home becomes warmer. But at the moment when the fingertips are in contact with the switch, how much effort is made by the great scientists?

If we set the time back to more than 200 years ago, we have come to the beginning of the 19th century. At this time, we will see Sir Humphrey David in 1809, through constant attempts, finally using 2000 batteries and two carbon rods. It became the first arc lamp in the world. If God is the one who brings us light, then the ancestors have used their efforts to grasp the method of making light in their hands.

People often say that the electric light was not invented by Edison? In fact, in the field of lights, Edison also stood on the shoulders of many great scientists and carried out a lot of research and continuous attempts, and finally brought us the practical value of electric lights. People in the past had absolutely no way to believe in our current life, and with a single switch, the whole house was full of light and warmth. Lights also make homes more warm, allowing people to have a feeling of emptying themselves when they return home. Who dares to imagine their home without lights?

Although when people talk about lights, people associate it with the interior for the first time, but the existence of lights is full of our lives. The most common one that illuminates your way home at night is the pillar that stands upright. Street lights on the side of the road. Under the illumination of street lights, we can always feel at ease.

Although with the development of society, the types and crafts of lamps have become more and more mature. From the previous incandescent lamp to the current LED lamp, the previous lamp can only emit dim light, and the current LED lamp can be used in The cold winter brings warmth to people. But I will always remember the dim light in my house when I was a kid…

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